The complation of this ELibrary was undertaken by the Sharing the Word Project to boost access to open source theological resources freely available throug the Internet, especially in countries which lack access to adequate theological libraries. It is specifically intended to assist Catholic seminarians, theology students and clergy, pastoral workers and researchers with a single access point to the spiritual and intellectual riches of the Christian heritage. 

The material can be read on screen or downloaded to e-devices, often in various electronic formats, or be printed.  This growing ELibrary, started in 2014, provides links to over 5500 open source e-books, periodical titles, periodical articles, documents, theses, podcasts, etc. as well as some major relevant websites.

To view the online text of an item, search the catalogue first, then open each item for full details. For search options scroll down window (Library catalogue) at left of search box above and make a choice of search category, then enter your search term(s) in window provided. Of the numbered search results each item has a line that says: "CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS..." When you click on that line you will be taken directly to the full online text of the item. You can also search the Elibrary by category of material, etc. by using the Advanced Search option. 

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Sharing the Word is a project of the Pontifical Society of St. Peter the Apostle (POSPA) and is led by Catholic Mission (Australia) For more information about this resource, suggestions for improvements, or ask for for any other assistance , please contact the  Help Desk of the Sharing the Word Project . 





(published on 26/11/2016)
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new title
New title
Church and politics / by Barr, Kevin J.
Suva, Fiji : Wailoku Publications, 2014. . 23 p. : 21 cm. ISBN: 9829159035
new title
New title
The giving and taking of life : essays ethical / by Burtchaell, James Tunstead.
Notre Dame, Ind. : University of Notre Dame Press, c1989. . xi, 324 p. ; 24 cm. ISBN: 0268010188
new title
New title
Homosexuality : Christ above all: the church's teaching on same sex attraction / by Morrison, David.
London : Catholic Truth Society, 2004. . 48 p. ; 15 cm. 24 ISBN: 1860821995

Sharing the Word

The Sharing the Word Project came into being to answer the many problems faced by Catholic seminary libraries in the 21st century, especially in the majority world. These problems include isolation, poverty of resources, a lack of funding and of trained library staff as well as the inability to make full use of the possibilities opened up by the Internet to access digital resources. An initiative, sponsored by the Pontifical Society of St Peter the Apostle, is now under way to address these problems by bringing Catholic seminary libraries together into an alliance for sharing resources and knowledge and to make the most of limited financial means.

The project has several objectives which include:

  1. Providing Catholic seminaries with adequate information and formation resources needed for a sound education and formation of ministers of Sacrament and Gospel.
  2. Building up and improving existing print-based libraries and making their content more accessible with good cataloguing and search facilities.
  3. Automating library functions to achieve this, especially by promoting and assisting with the installation of the Koha open source library system and other access solutions.
  4. Helping seminaries to get access to online resources and negotiating affordable access to information databases.
  5. Maximizing access to open source material and building up a major information resource that can be used to supplement and if necessary be a substitute for commercial databases.
  6. Educating library staff in good library and information management practices and promoting cooperation and information exchange at local level.
  7. Maintaining a website to make the Project's various initiatives known and to provide a means of mutual communication.

The Sharing the Word initiative is led by Catholic Mission Australia. For further information email the Project's coordinator

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